our culture starts with safety

Cycle is determined to do everything possible to provide safe and successful jobsites. Working in construction, you are surrounded by potential hazards, and we want to make sure our employees and others return home to their families every evening the same way they arrived that morning, in one piece, unharmed. Like most construction companies in the industry, we make safety a priority and do all the things that have become standard practice in the industry. We train, plan, assess, correct, and monitor relentlessly.

some things we do different:

Every employee
is responsible for
company safety.

At Cycle, we train every employee so that they feel comfortable & confident enough to speak out about construction safety, make corrections, and stop work if they feel it necessary. At Cycle, we want our employees prepared when it comes to jobsite safety. Our unique system is designed to prevent accidents through training and stop work authority. Every employee begins training upon hire and has the authority to stop work should they encounter an unsafe jobsite situation, with no repercussions. Employees attend additional safety training focused on OSHA 30 and other advanced safety topics throughout the year at all levels of the organization.

You are not just
going to be given a
red hardhat…
you have to earn one.

During an employee’s first 90 days on the job at Cycle they wear a white hard hat. This signifies that they are new on the jobsite and are undergoing the initial safety training required of a Cycle employee.

Once an employee has completed his 90 days and the required training, they are provided the Cycle signature “Red Hardhat.”

Proven results.

Cycle’s commitment to safety is evident as we typically perform better than the industry averages on the major safety tracking statistics (EMR, TRIR, Loss Time).

Cycle has routinely received various industry safety awards based on our excellent results.

Southern Construction Group President's Safety Award WIllis Towers Watson Construction Excellence Safety Award USACE Safety Now Award

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