West Pointe à La Hache Siphon Floodwall


Port Sulphur, LA


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

approx. contract value


This project included the construction of a new flood protection system in West Pointe à La Hache, Louisiana.

scope of work

Structural work elements included the engineering, installation and removal of temporary retaining structures, a steel test pile program, reinforced concrete floodwalls, 18” diameter steel pipe piles, steel sheet piling, and concrete scour protection. Civil work features involved removing the existing levee system, temporary flood protection, an embankment preload program, levee construction, and rip rap scour protection.

Mechanical and architectural features included removing and replacing 72” diameter steel discharge pipes, a new drainage pump station, design/build/erection of a custom manufactured steel building, fuel storage tank installation, and electrical modification.


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