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Cycle’s disaster response team has a long history in the disaster response industry.

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Starting in 1977 with the response to Hurricane Frederick in Mobile, Alabama, our team has been engaged in many disaster and emergency response projects. Since this first event, we have participated in most of the disaster response events to impact the Gulf Coast of the United States, including Hurricanes (Katrina, Rita, Gustav, Zeta, Gustav, Issac, Ike, Harvey, and Ida), tropical storms, floods, tornados, the BP Oil Spill, and other local emergencies.

Cycle typically performs as a prime contractor or as part of a joint venture team as the prime contractor with responsibility for overall project management, community and stakeholder engagement, project execution, and financing. In addition to our experienced internal response team, we have a significant group of partners and subcontractors throughout the country that we have worked with on previous disaster and emergency response projects that we are able to rely upon to provide resources for mission completion. Our proven experience includes removing debris (land and marine); managing multiple temporary removal and disposal sites; demolishing and disposal of numerous hazardous structures; removing hazardous trees, limbs, and stumps; temporary housing; environmental response; emergency logistics; emergency pumping and dewatering.

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