Interim Closure Structure Demolition-17th St. Canal


New Orleans, LA


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

approx. contract value


Cycle was contracted to perform the demolition of the Interim Closure Structure and Pump Station and restoration of the 17th St. Canal in this area.

scope of work

The Interim Closure Structure and Pump Station was constructed in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 to provide temporary pumping capacity in the area while a new outfall pump station was being designed and built. In 2019, when the new pump station was operational, the interim structure and station needed to be removed.

This project’s scope included demolition, removal, and disposal of heavily reinforced concrete, massive steel structures, metal building, large-diameter steel piping, underwater demolition of steel and concrete structures, and numerous large-diameter pumps, engines, generators, and electrical equipment. The restoration scope of the work included contaminated soil dredging and disposal, canal bank reconstruction and armoring, floodwall reconstruction, and levee reconstruction.

Our team helped ensure the continued resilience of the 17th Street Canal, a vital component of New Orleans’ drainage infrastructure. As the largest and most important drainage canal in the city of New Orleans, the 17th Street Canal plays a crucial role in mitigating flood risks by operating in conjunction with Pump Station 6 to channel water into Lake Pontchartrain.


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