Dock Fender Improvements


Port Allen, LA


Port of Greater Baton Rouge

approx. contract value


The Port of Greater Baton Rouge required an upgrade to the aging facilities to keep pace with the needs of their tenants.

scope of work

The Port’s existing fender system and mooring equipment could no longer safely support the increased size of the ships berthing at the facility. The project scope was completed during the Mississippi River’s low water stage. The seven new fenders were prefabricated in sections and shipped to the Port for final assembly and installation. Cycle fabricated and installed the fenders onsite while working from a floating plant. The fenders ranged in weight and size. Five of the “typical” fenders were 50′ long and 40′ tall, weighing 92,500 lbs., and two “stair” fenders were 75′ long and 40′ tall, weighing 143,000 lbs. each.

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