Our Approach


the cycle construction approach

As client needs have changed, Cycle has responded by adapting to new delivery methods and services to provide more value to our clients.

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As costs rise and project budgets become tighter, it is imperative that owners and designers have a realistic understanding of the current economics of the market. A large percentage of our work is competitively bid, we work in diverse market segments, and we track our costs relentlessly! These factors lead to very good historical costs and institutional market knowledge. Owners and designers engage Cycle’s pre-construction team to provide budget estimates, schedules, and construction feasibility consulting in the markets that we participate in.

general contracting

From the very beginning, we have been primarily a self-performing contractor. We are a true builder- we figure it out and solve the problem. Cycle offers a diversified range of construction services, owns a significant fleet of land and marine equipment, has long-tenured management, and is relentless when it comes to cost control. Whether it is negotiated, time and material, or a fixed price contract, our team attacks the project with the same urgency to get to the finish line.

Procurement & Logistics

Cycle has a long and successful history of responding to disaster and emergency events. One of the keys to success during an emergency is the ability to get supplies and get them fast! Cycle has proven time and again that we can make it happen. As such, clients will often engage Cycle to help with the procurement and logistics for long lead time, difficult to procure or critical supplies on both emergency and non-emergency contracts.

Alternative Delivery

Using collaborative and risk-mitigating procurement methods, including Design Build and Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR), Cycle works side by side with the design team and the owner to ensure the most innovative methods for delivering the project are considered.


Cycle is regularly engaged to perform construction advisory services, including claim consultation, delay analysis, construction accounting & cost control, construction risk management, appraisal/damage estimates, expert witness services and bond company takeover matters. Our executives and consultants have extensive practical experience in these areas that help our clients navigate complex situations.

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